104 Year Old Woman Tries To Become World’s Oldest Person To Skydive; Her Skydiving Video Goes Viral

104 Year Old Woman Tries To Become World’s Oldest Person To Skydive; Her Skydiving Video Goes Viral

Skydiving is the dream of many adventure lovers. Among all those who want to participate in fun activities, most of them are young people. Young people want to experience that feeling of boldness and that feeling of happiness. Older people are always left out of these dangerous sports for obvious reasons, but age is just a number for some people. You will be surprised to see a 104-year-old woman doing some exciting sports.

An adventurous woman tries to become the world’s oldest person in the world to skydive


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Shared on Instagram by Skydive Chicago (@skydivechicago), the video shows an old woman (read: only by age not by heart) skydiving in Chicago and of course having a gala time. Dorothy Hoffner surprised the world with her enthusiasm for skydiving at the age of 104. In Chicago, she attempted this fascinating adventure at Skydive Chicago. Not only did he do it at the age of 104, but he also attempted to become the world’s oldest person to fly in the sky. This is not the first time Dorothy has done this. Before that, he had this experience for the first time 4 years ago, when he was 100 years old, according to the MoneyControl report.

A viral video takes us on a tour through his entire cruise. He left the walker and happily boarded the plane. What remained constant throughout the experience was the smile on his face and the confidence in his demeanor. His determination to do such a brave thing at the age of 104 teaches us that age is just a number!

The video goes viral on the internet and is liked by all the viewers. The group of Dorothy talking to the camera and enjoying the experience in the sky is really exciting to see. It is not an easy task at all to use the sky from a height of 13,500 feet.

No matter if we are interested like Dorothy Hoffner, her enthusiasm and desire to try the world record by doing something really exciting inspires and motivates us to take steps towards the goal us.

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