212 Indians Returned From Israel in The First Flight Under Operation Ajay

212 Indians Returned From Israel in The First Flight Under Operation Ajay

The ongoing war between Israel and Hamas is getting worse every day. Many people from different parts of the world are stuck in the middle of conflict. Among the foreigners who stayed in Israel, hundreds of them were Indians. To rescue and bring back Indian citizens safely, the Indian government launched Operation Ajay. More than 200 Indians later returned to India from Israel.

Operation Ajay’s flight brought stranded Indians to Delhi

On the X platform (formerly Twitter), Arindam Bagchi (@MEAIndia) shared some images of Indian citizens returning to New Delhi.

Friday started off very well for the Indians who were in the midst of a tough clash. The Indian government’s Operation Ajay helped evacuate a total of 212 Indians stranded in Israel and bring them home. They arrived at the Indira Gandhi International Airport today on the first flight of Operation Ajay. Union Minister Rajeev Chandrasekhar was at the airport to welcome Indians returning from Israel.

Air India has suspended its flights between Delhi and Tel Aviv due to the ongoing fighting. Many people have canceled their travel and plans to return to India due to this suspension. The first flight of the project saved a large number of these Indians, according to an NDTV report. This brought the stranded people back to their country.

This is part of the Indians traveling to Delhi from Israel shared by Dr S. Jaishankar (@DrSJaishankar).

Government took major steps to rescue the stranded Indians

The efforts of the Indian embassy to save the nationals helped the people to get relief from all the stress and fear. People stuck in Israel are worried about everything that is happening there. In all these, the Indian government’s efforts to evict them is an important step. Not only these 212 people, but hundreds of others are waiting at Tel Aviv airport to board the Operation Ajay plane.

An NDTV report explains how the selection of returnees to India is done on a first-come, first-served basis. Indians who want to return are registered in the database. The Indian Embassy initiated this plan to bring them back to India. Stranded Indians who want to return travel on special chartered flights. There are many other configurations to accommodate them. The government is covering all costs related to this campaign to bring Indians back to Israel.

We hope everyone gets home safely.

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