World’s Biggest 4 Day Work Week Trial Begins in UK With No Loss of Pay

4 Day Work Week Trial Begins in UK

A relaxed work week is everyone’s dream and this can only be possible when a 4 day work week is established. Well the UK is planning to implement a 4 day work week which means an extra day off. This 4 day work week is currently being tested in the UK and such tests have previously been carried out in countries such as Spain, Iceland, the US and Canada. The UK is running the world’s largest 4-day work week trial, where employees from 70 UK companies will work 4 days a week from now through December and receive 100% of their paycheck. So now we will have to wait and see if this test is successful and if this 4 day work week pattern will be rolled out across the country.

Will it be a success?

Many employers believe this will be a learning process for everyone. There can be some challenges, considering the type of business people run. Many factors will determine the operations of the health, food and education sectors.

The challenges of a 4-day work week

Employers also believe that while there may be an increase in productivity, it will be difficult to measure it correctly. Additionally, employers must ensure that employees receive the same salary to maintain their productivity throughout the four days. Experts also believe that Denmark, Sweden and the Netherlands have fewer hours of work and yet higher productivity rates.

Greece has low productivity rates

As Greece has the largest number of working hours in Europe, it is believed to have a lower productivity rate.

Can this encourage employment?

Some employers also claim that a shorter workweek is a good thing for both parties. Many employees have even reconsidered their priorities and thought about work-life balance, especially during the pandemic.

Countries that have introduced the 4-day work week

Belgium is the latest country to have introduced the 4-day working week without lowering wages. Spain, Iceland, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Japan and the United Arab Emirates are the other countries that have suitably switched to this model.

Is a 4 day working week in India possible?

All employers believe that the 4-day work week test should be run to see how the model works without affecting employees and the operation of the company. What do you think about having this 4 day work week in Indian companies? Will this allow for greater productivity? Let us know in the comments.

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