850-Year-Old Shivling That Changes Color in Agra’s historical Temple

850-Year-Old Shivling That Changes Color in Agra’s historical Temple


Indian sanctuaries are loaded with secret and history. So when you catch wind of a 850-year-old sanctuary with a shivling that changes tone, you thoroughly think that it is credible! As per the head cleric, Agra’s authentic ‘Rajeshwar Temple’ is somewhere around 850 years of age. The Historical sanctuary is one of the most established spots of love to exist in India. There’s another significant fascination that has vacationers rush to this sanctuary. Legend has it that every one of your desires work out as expected in Rajeshwar Temple. Laid out by a ‘Seth’ of Rajkheda, this 850-year-old sanctuary is verification of India’s brilliant legacy!

The Legend Behind The Color Changing Shivling of The Historical Temple

As per a famous legend, a Seth of Rajkheda, Rajasthan was going with a Shivling on a bullock truck from the banks of the Narmada River. He at first needed to introduce it in Rajakheda yet before long nodded off where the sanctuary stands today. He longed for Lord Shiva who advised him to introduce the Shivling at that very spot. Indeed, even after the man overlooked his fantasy, the Shivling got introduced there all alone. Furthermore, from that point forward has been at the very spot, changing its variety threefold per day. The variety seems white during morning aarti, light blue during the evening aarti, and pink during the night aarti. Totally amazing!

Rajeshwar Temple Holds Special Aarti During The Month Of Sawan, Celebs Often Visit

Indian sanctuaries are well known for holding lovely Aartis. As Indians, aartis are a significant demonstration of sacrificial commitment, appreciation, and love towards the preeminent master. Furthermore, every sanctuary has its own exceptional Aarti. In Rajeshwar Temple, an extraordinary Aarti is held during the heavenly month of Sawan. The sanctuary makes its ways for the fans at 4 am and closes them at around 10.30 pm. There’s likewise a unique puja that is held during the Sawan month. The verifiable sanctuary is taken care of by a trust. The sanctuary as of late went through a few remodel and extension with the assistance of local people and the trust. You will likewise find loads of Bollywood superstars offering supplications at this sanctuary. On July 8, superstar couple Payal Rohatgi and Sangram Singh played out a puja at this 850-year-old sanctuary in front of their marriage. Almost certainly the couple picked this verifiable sanctuary for their ceremonies, taking into account its happy atmosphere!

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