A Hidden Gem In Maharashtra With Lush Hills, Stunning Forts And More

A Hidden Gem In Maharashtra With Lush Hills, Stunning Forts And More. If you’re looking forward to visiting a hidden gem In Maharashtra, then let’s introduce you to the gorgeous Mhaismal — often referred to as ‘Mahabaleshwar of Malatwada’. Surrounded by the Sahyadri Hills, it’s a plateau of natural beauty. Mhaismal is a small hill station in the corner of the Aurangabad district in Maharashtra.

Mhaismal Near Aurangabad, Is A Stunning Hill Station

Located at an altitude of 1067 meters, Mhaismal is about 12 kilometers from Kuldabad and about 40 kilometers from Aurangabad city. Since it’s only 50 km a road trip away from Aurangabad, you can plan an overnight journey or a day trip here.

You can also add Ellora Cave, Grishneshwar Temple, and Devgiri Fort to your Mhaismal itinerary. After all, these popular tourist spots are located nearby. Also, from Aurangabad, if you have time, you can also visit Daulatabad Fort (20km away). It dates back to the Middle Ages and was an important stronghold of the Deccan region.

Invigorating Climate Makes It A Popular Weekend-Getaway

The road to Mhaismal from Aurangabad is mostly scenic with undulating hills, green fields, and ghat roads. Mhaismal attracts tourists during the monsoon season. Keep in mind that it will be a bumpy ride due to the rugged roads. So, be careful while driving.

After the monsoon, the rains bring life to the dry earth and the slopes turn green. A dry stream springs up and drips down the slope. The dreamy weather makes it a popular weekend destination, especially during winter.

What To Do In Mhaismal?

Mhaismal is dotted with several viewing spots – Sunset Point, Valley View Point, Necklace Point, and more. Admire the panaromic views of green mountainsides and valleys. Don’t forget to click scenic pictures for your Insta feed!

The Jewelry point likewise offers a brief look at the open country. Nonetheless, the genuine tomfoolery is tasting extremely hot tapri ki chai while partaking in these staggering perspectives.

With everything taken into account Mhaismal is one of the most amazing quiet objections to investigate in Maharashtra. Things being what they are, when are you arranging an end of the week escape here?

Cover picture civility: Aurangabad Tourism.com

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