Airline That Offers Suites in Planes That Look Like Luxury Hotel Rooms

Airline That Offers Suites in Planes That Look Like Luxury Hotel Rooms

After a two-year hiatus, the world travels again. With the government loosening travel rules, people have started planning their next vacation. Singapore Airlines’ modified A380 aircraft took off from JFK via Frankfurt at Changi Airport on 28 March. But this time not only was the plane in the sky, they had also skyrocketed the flight experience for their passengers with their luxurious first-class suites.

A luxury room in the air

Each suite is equipped with relaxing reclining chairs, a comfortable bed, 32-inch touchscreen HDTV and sliding doors. Everything in the suite can be controlled on a portable tablet, whether it’s dimming the lights or turning on the entertainment. On top of that, the suites feature comfy pajamas, slippers, noise-canceling headphones, a Lalique courtesy kit, and a wardrobe chest. Each passenger is offered 50 square feet and shared 100 square feet if two of them choose to merge.

Transform the Basic into luxury

Airline Vice President of Public Relations James Boyd revealed how the team has taken everything basic and turned it into luxury. The stitching of the luggage rack inspired by a Hermes Birkin bag or a glove compartment that lights up when you open the door or its leather upholstery are little moments of luxury and surprise you offer your passengers.

Little elements of surprise everywhere

Whether it’s a compartment for a handbag, a hotel-style turndown service, blackout curtains on the windows, or food served on fine china or sheets, everything is taken care of in a very special, luxurious and surprising way. The bathroom also becomes a pampering room which has three sections: vanity, washbasin and toilet.

With so much care, you wish the flights were longer

This aircraft features 78 business class reclining seats, 44 premium economy seats and 343 economy seats, as well as six suites for first-class passengers. With such incredible and luxurious amenities, all you will ask for are longer flights so you can be pampered and surprised more.

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