Ayodhya Ram Mandir Receive Special Soil From Thailand’s Ayutthaya For The Consecration Ceremony

Ayodhya Ram Mandir Receive Special Soil From Thailand’s Ayutthaya For The Consecration Ceremony

Ayodhya is all set to host the grand dedication of the Ram Mandir on January 22, and meanwhile, a lot of fun is happening there. From unique offerings to intricate architecture, almost everything about Ram Mandir has made waves and grabbed headlines.

Meanwhile, in a culturally significant gesture, it has been reported that Thailand will be sending soil for the consecration ceremony of Ram Lalla that will be held on January 22, 2024, which reinforces the universal resonance of Lord Ram’s legacy beyond geographical boundaries.

This is not the first time that Thailand is doing such a thing. This gesture of sending soil follows its earlier act of sending water from two rivers in Thailand to Lord Ram’s temple.

In such a context, it is useful to explain the historical connection between Ayodhya and Thailand. Ayutthaya is a famous Thai city that saw its kings called “Ramatibodhi” (Lord Rama), which is linked to the location where Ayodhya is named as the capital of Lord Rama in the Ramayana.

In addition, the Thai religious text, known as Ramkeen, has a status similar to that of the Thai Ramayana. In Ramanujan’s work, “300 Ramayana”, this text is compared to Valmiki’s Ramayana. Considered to have been reincarnated by King Rama I in the 18th century, Ramkeen portrays Thotsakan as his antagonist,  depicting Ravana in Hindu texts. Actor, Phra Ram, expressed Ram’s thoughts on this story. Meanwhile, the remains of Thai Ayodhya spread over a large area, constituting a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Referring to this, Swami Vigyanananand, Founder and Global President, World Hindu Foundation, added that this special bond between India and Thailand is to strengthen the cultural relationship between Thailand and India became stronger. Swami Vigyanananand added that the relationship between the two countries is not just land and there is a strong cultural and historical relationship between India and Thailand and the kings of Thailand who are descendants of Lord Rama bear the name of Ram in their names. which is an old tradition.

While expressing joy over the consecration of the Ram Temple in Ayodhya, he added that they have plans to telecast the ceremony live in Bangkok. Hindus from across the globe are expected to meet at the event, and engage in spiritual activities like kirtans, bhajans, puja, and recitations.

As part of the preparations, prasad (food offered to the deity) has been ordered from Ayodhya, and a replica of the Ayodhya temple has been constructed in Bangkok. An image of the birthplace of Ram Lalla has been brought from Ayodhya, with copies shared among conference delegates.

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