Best 4 Scuba Diving place in maldives

scuba diving in the maldives

Diving in Maldives, Maldives Overview

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The popular diving spots in Maldives are Fish Head, HP Reef, Banana Reef and Maanta Point. While there are several other diving spots , at least 2 out of the above 4 is a must. Scuba diving in the maldives.

 Fish Head

Mushihasmingli Thila or Fish Head, arranged in North Ari Atoll, is one of the best 10 plunging destinations on the planet, getting its name from the plenty of marine life that one can see at this well known spot. At first a shark taking care of spot, the Government has now proclaimed it a Protected Marine Area.

Having the qualities of a Thila, this site is known for submerged caverns, dark corals and undersea stone developments. The north side of Fish Head is great for novice jumpers, since it has extremely intriguing submerged scene even at shallow profundities. Reef sharks are a regular site here. This reef is viewed as truly outstanding for shark spotting since there is sufficient freedom to notice the conduct of sharks, from secure areas. Scuba diving in the maldives

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Maanta Point

Maanta Point is one more awesome energetically suggested plunge spot. Aside from the large numbers of Manta Rays, that gives its name, due tolerance can remunerate you with eels, barracudas yet in addition octopuses and turtles. Assuming you are fortunate, you will likewise be observer to the cleaning administrations profited by the Manta Rays. Inquisitive? Go figure for yourself!

Assuming you are not remaining on a liveaboard, you can enlist one from your island resort to get to these plunging spots and similar one holds up moored to take you back. You additionally need to take an ‘direction’ to pick up jumping assuming that you are a novice. For all the amateur jumpers, PADI authorized educators teach you scuba plunging and when you complete a course you will be confirmed.

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HP Reef

Situated toward the north of Girifushi in North Male Atoll, is HP reef otherwise called Rainbow Reef due to an abundance of vivid delicate corals. 10 – 15 minutes by speedboat from Girifushi will take you there. HP Reef is known to observe solid flows throughout the entire year and henceforth a ton of safety measure should be practiced while plunging here.

The fundamental fascination here is the assortment of corals found in fluctuated tones and shapes, pelagic and different fishes. You can swim through a 25 m cavern, known as the ‘smokestack’, while noticing different marine life. Scuba diving in the maldives

Banana Reef

Located west of Farukolfushi, Banana Reef is indeed shaped like a banana! It was one of the first dive sites in the country to become internationally known. Banana Reef has a bit of everything: dramatic cliffs, caves and overhangs; brilliant coral growths; big predators such as sharks and grouper; and prolific reef fish, including Jackfish, Napoleon wrasse and blue-striped snapper. The reef top is also excellent for snorkelling.

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