Best Ghewar In Delhi NCR

Best Ghewar In Delhi NCR

Best Ghewar in Delhi NCR; It is made ghevar price 1kg utilizing desi ghee, Maida, and milk best ghewar in Noida and looks best malai ghevar in delhi like a honeycomb-like construction. Kaleva sweets indirapuram ghevar sweet price

Ghevar is a popular North Indian sweet, especially famous in the state of Rajasthan. While it’s more traditionally associated with Rajasthan, you can find delicious Ghevar in Delhi NCR as well, thanks to the diverse culinary options available in the region. Here are a few places in Delhi NCR known for their delicious Ghevar:

Best Ghewar in Delhi NCR

The conventional desert known as Ghewar is appreciated all through Rajasthan. This delightful treat is a staple of numerous Indian occasions, including Teej and Rakhi, ghevar price 1kg and has an extraordinary social importance in India. Best Ghewar In Delhi NCR. It is made utilizing desi ghee, Maida, and milk and looks like a honeycomb-like construction. Most Importantly Assuming you live in Delhi NCR and might want to attempt Ghewar during this merry season, you ought to visit one of these areas to encounter this Rajasthani delicacy’s actual flavor. Go to these 5 spots in Delhi NCR to eat scrumptious Ghewar.

1. Kanwarji

It is an old shop situate on the most active streets of Chandini Chowk, New Delhi. Because You can test malai ghevar their namkeens notwithstanding their Ghewar. On your excursion, you can come by any of these stores to encounter the genuine kind of conventional Ghewar.

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2. Gulab

Gulab is renowne for its wide assortment of desserts made from unadulterated desi ghee. It is situated on 5, principal street Pitampura, New Delhi. During the storm season, there is an assortment of desi ghee Ghewar. Thirdly This area has a unimaginable grouping of Ghewar.


3. Bengali Sweet House

It is situated in Bengali Market, Mandi House. After that It offers sweet to appetizing road food things, you’ll track down everything at Bengali Sweet House. Its Ghevar arrangements will prevail upon you as it is truly outstanding in the city.

Bengali Sweets, various locations: Bengali Sweets is a popular chain of sweet shops in Delhi NCR known for its wide range of Indian sweets, including Ghevar. They have multiple outlets across the city, making it convenient for you to find Ghevar.

4. Nathu’s

Firstly Nathu’s has been related with great quality desserts. Browse their well-known plain or malai ghewar. You can arrange from the sweet shop on the web, and they convey all over India.

Nathu’s Sweets, various locations: Nathu’s is a trusted name in the world of sweets and snacks in Delhi NCR. They are known for their quality and taste, and you can try their Ghevar when it’s in season.

5. Kaleva

Kaleva is situate in the core of the city in CP and is popular for its conventional assortment of treats. They give an assortment of ghewar, including mawa, khoya, and malai. Located in Gole Market, kaleva sweets indirapuram, with over 1000 varieties of sweets, namkeens, and all kinds of traditional eats, pride on their ‘Saawan Ki Saugaat,’ aka ghewar! Their sweets are made in the traditional way, pass on from generation after generation. Hence, it is one of THE best places in Delhi to get your hands kaleva sweets indirapuram on delightful ghewar. Head on over for a full-on pig out sesh!

6. Haldiram

Of course, Haldiram’s tops the list when it comes to serving us soft yet crispy, sweet and syrupy ghewars! With Delhi’s first Haldiram’s set up in 1982. They have serving us totally ghewar shop near me delicious and lip-smacking delights for years now. Be it sweet, savoury, or even namkeens, Haldiram’s is our go to place! So, stock up on your Big Malai Ghewar right away!

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7. Om Sweets & Snacks

A favourite among Gurgaon Wasis, this iconic shop is much more than their scrumptious, best ghewar in delhi desi ghee loaded dhodas. These guys also serve ghewars that are totally  ghewar shop near me out of this world, and we can’t wait to hog on to! Oh, and they also have a multi-cuisine restaurant & bakery! We’ve all been here 100 times already, haven’t we?!

8. Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners

What could top this legendary sweet shop that has been serving us since 1901 in the narrow lanes of Chandni Chowk? They’ve been declare the ghewar shop near me ‘Best Sweet Shop’ by many platforms over many years now best ghevar near me and are literally a treasure to Saddi Dilli. Of course, when we wanna have finger-licking ghewar, we head straight here! Don’t wait any more, head over right away and savor their ghewar.

Chandni Chowk, Old Delhi: Chandni Chowk is a historic market area in Old Delhi known for its wide variety of traditional sweets and snacks. You can find some renowned sweet shops here that offer tasty Ghevar. Some well-known shops in Chandni Chowk for Ghevar include Ghantewala Halwai and Chaina Ram Sindhi Confectioners.

9. Hira Sweets

With Pt. Hira Lal Sharma selling his invention ‘Balushahi’ along the lanes of Delhi, ghewar shop near me to setting up a shop in Shahdara in 1912. However, Hira Sweets has come a long way now and has blossomed into one of the largest sweets manufacturing facilities in our country, with multiple best ghewar in Noida outlets throughout NCR. They have also expanded their range of delicious goodnesses, So, while still serving the king of them all – Balushahi, as it were! They also serve the scrummy monsoon special ghewar, which is a must-have! So, add chaar chand to your monsoon with Hira Sweets right away!

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10. Bikanervala

Secondly Since ghewar is a Rajasthani sweet, it only makes sense ghevar sweet price to include this massive chain. With over 60 outlets in India & even outside India. Bikanervala had its humble beginnings in Bikaner’s old city area of ghevar price 1kg Kote Gate and has since become best ghewar in Noida a household name throughout India! The traditional sweet ghewar from ghevar sweet price Bikanervala promises to add sweetness to your special moments and rain best ghewar in Noida you in happiness best ghewar in delhi and joy this rainy season! So, head over to get your share soon!

Bikanervala, various locations: Bikanervala is another well-known sweets and snacks chain with multiple branches in Delhi NCR. They offer a variety of traditional sweets, and you can often find Ghevar on their menu during the festive season.

11. Manohar Bikkaneri

A true Delhi wasi knows all about Delhi’s age-old sweet shops that started small. But are now thriving with multiple locations in the heart of Delhi! Anyway, you cannot miss this chhota packet bada dhamaka whenever you are in Ghanta Ghar, ghevar price 1kg for it is always swarming with huge best malai ghevar in delhi crowds of customers eagerly shopping away. Don’t forget to try their ghevar sweet price epic Desi Ghee Patasha’s, Desi Ghee Besan Ladoos, Desi Ghee Bundi, best malai ghevar in delhi and of course, Malai Ghewar,  best ghewar in delhi when you stop by here next!

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12. Evergreen Sweet House, Green Park, Delhi:

Evergreen Sweet House is a popular sweet shop in the Green Park area of South Delhi. They serve a variety of sweets, and their Ghevar is well-regarded by many.

Keep in mind that the availability of Ghevar may vary based on the season and the occasion, as it is often associated with festivals like Teej and Raksha Bandhan. Best ghewar in Noida Be sure to check with the specific sweet shop for the availability of Ghevar when you plan to visit.

More Information

Discover the best ghewar in Delhi, a sweet delight that tantalizes taste buds. If you’re searching for “ghewar near me,” you’re in for a treat. The ghewar price is worth every penny for its deliciousness. Ghewar and ghevar price vary, but the quality is consistently high. Try the malai ghevar, especially the 1kg malai ghevar price. Ghewar price in Delhi is competitive, making it a must-try for sweet lovers. Look for the best ghewar in Noida and best ghewar in India for a wider experience.

If ghevar near me is what you’re searching, explore the best ghevar near me options. Ghevar price 1kg near me and in Delhi are reasonable. Discover famous ghevar in Delhi, along with the 1kg ghevar price. Check out Haldiram ghevar price 1kg for a reliable brand. For those in Gurgaon, there’s the best ghewar in Gurgaon. best malai ghevar in delhi Visit ghewar shops near me or the best ghevar shop in Delhi for an authentic experience.


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