Best Seafood Restaurants in Delhi If You Love Seafood Too Much

Best Seafood Restaurants in Delhi If You Love Seafood Too Much

Delhi is nothing short of a paradise for all food lovers. No matter which cuisine you like best, the Indian capital awaits you with the most delicious meals. Delhi is the most perfect place for food lovers, and if you are looking for quality seafood in this mega-metropolis then you are ready for an absolute delight. There are numerous fish restaurants in the city which over time have become noteworthy establishments and serve authentic fish of the best quality. Here are our top 5 picks from town.


Zambar stands for consistently serving quality and authentic seafood to the crowd. They are very popular in the city for people to experience the true taste and explosion of flavors of the Spice Coast. Their shrimp powder and coastal shrimp biryani are big hits and everyone’s favorite.


Sanadige is one of the most prominent seafood restaurants in Bangalore. Subsequently, they opened an outlet in Delhi which is now a popular spot for the city’s coastal gourmets. Mangalorean Mutton Curry, Donne Chicken Biryani and Jenji must be with you if you visit the place in the future.

The Spice Route

Do you want to enjoy a journey based on seafood from various places and countries sitting in one place? Then ‘The Spice Route’ is your final destination. Elegantly designed by Rajeev Sethi, this restaurant represents the journey of spices and art from various places such as Malaysia, Thailand, Kerala, Sri Lanka, Vietnam and Indonesia. Chef Veena Arora took care of all the design. This place is a delight by all means; with a magnificent decoration and an extensive menu of delicious foods. An unmissable option of this must-see restaurant is Chemeen Thoren.

Moets Shack

The ambience of Moets Shack really justifies the name it was given. Contemporary interior design, wild environments and welcoming corners; this place is a perfect place to enjoy excellent seafood and spend some quality time. corners One of the best seafood restaurants in town, Moets Shack serves up incredibly delicious food. They have a wide variety of menus, but their fish is the best. Some mentions on the menu are fried golden shrimp and Indian Ocean chili lobster.

Oh! Calcutta

Is it even fish without the inclusion of Bengali cuisine? Seafood in India is incomplete without Bengali food. Oh! Calcutta proudly celebrates the authenticity of Calcutta and its delicious food. In addition to good Bengali food, this seafood restaurant is a master when it comes to running the influence of other Bengal cuisines in the past such as Chinese, Continental and Lucknowi. Some of their most popular items are Kosha Mangsho, Bhetki Maach and their Ilish festival during the summer.

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