Best Shawarma Places In Mumbai

Best shawarma places in Mumbai
Burrito with grilled chicken and vegetables (fajitas, pita bread, shawarma)

Best Shawarma Places In Mumbai:

Ask a non-vegetarian to name an ultimate comfort food and you surely will hear shawarma. The dish doesn’t look too complicated to make but every single bite totally feels like bliss with a wonderful blast of flavours with the tenderness of the meat in it. Best Shawarma Places In Mumbai.This authentic middle eastern wrap is something which every non-vegetarian loves and hence is a must try for the ones who haven’t ever. Well, if you want to try shawarma or are craving one, here are the best places in Mumbai.

1. Carter Blue’s, Andheri

Carter blue’s with an encounter of more than 20 years, knows how to nail its chicken shawarma impeccably. Extending its presence from only one shop at Carter’s street in Bandra to concocting a few outlets across the entire city, Carter Blue’s have been reliable as far as taste advertised. Visiting this spot face to face will help you redo and change your shawarma as per your taste buds.



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2. Present day Juice Centre, Colaba

In the event that you stay in SoBo you will be intimately acquainted with the notoriety this spot conveys with regards to flavourful shawarma. The unassuming side of the road slow down offers the most delicious chicken shawarmas in SoBo. The spot is well known for shawarmas yet in addition serves sound squeezes and shakes alongside sandwiches and burgers. The taste is unquestionably astounding and one you should attempt.



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3.Sultanate of Shawarma, Versova

The Sultanate of Shawarma, popularly known as SOS is actually the SOS for all the shawarma lovers. The loaded shawarma at this place is simply the one to satisfy your midnight shawarma cravings or the need to have a quick on the go meal. The shawarma’s here come in two sizes, small and large and are fully loaded and super tasty. Your stomach surely won’t settle for a small one. 


4.Arbab, Bandra

Best Shawarma Places In Mumbai

Arbab is a family-accommodating, bistro style eatery that is casual and unassuming, like those you could track down on Beirut’s roads. There is right external seating accessible at this local café serving Lebanese and Arabic food. The spot offers real shawarma to you and the delicacy of the chicken in chicken shawarma makes certain to knock your socks off.



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5.Shawarmaji, Dadar

Best Shawarma Places In Mumbai

Shawarmaji was a modest little food truck when it started and presently is a thriving chain that has numerous outlets from Navi Mumbai to Dadar. This drive-thru eatery, which plays on “Sharmaji,” offers various decisions, from the Chilli Milli chicken shawarma to the typical chicken shawarma. They likewise offer yummy veggie lover shawarmas for every one of the vegans with the goal that they won’t get a handle on left.



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