Bird Sanctuary In Kolkata Is A Heaven For Bird Watchers

Bird Sanctuary In Kolkata Is A Heaven For Bird Watchers

Bird Sanctuary In Kolkata Is A Heaven For Bird Watchers

Bird Sanctuary In Kolkata Is A Heaven For Bird Watchers. The thrill of bird watching for a few is unparalleled. And they love doing it for the sake of fun and love they hold for the wildlife. One such retreat for bird watchers near Kolkata is the Chintamani Kar bird sanctuary, where different species of birds can be sighted. The sanctuary has a large number of tree plantations that attract different species to rest and stay in the area. If you’re visiting Kolkata, this bird sanctuary can be a fun and informational getaway for the weekend. Take a look.

Chintamani Kar Bird Sanctuary Near Kolkata

Chintamani Kar Bird Safe-haven is a short drive from the city of Kolkata. Kayaler Bagan is another name for this beards heaven.. This bird safe-haven’s development has a story that says that prominent craftsman Chintamani Kar raised his voice to change over this region into an asylum. Kar set forward his request with local people and different NGOs for the area to get safe-haven acknowledgment. Of late, birds as well as endeavors are being made to draw in various types of butterflies. A bamboo estate is likewise being set up to draw in various natural life species.

How To Arrive at Here?

The bird sanctuary is home to bird species which are the rarest of all. A few include Asian paradise flycatcher, white-throated fantail, eyebrowed thrush, little spiderhunter, blue-throated flycatcher, lineated barbet and greater flameback and more. You can found the rarest of the bird species here. Not only does the sanctuary have birds, but a smaller portion of wildlife also finds a home in this 12-acre sanctuary. As mentioned, this bird sanctuary in Kolkata is located quite near to the city. Travellers says that the best route to reach this sanctuary is the Eastern Metropolitan Bypass. Further, you also find buses and other public transport to reach this rich sanctuary.

Winter is the best time to be here. So why not plan a weekend getaway to this bird sanctuary soon?

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