Breathtaking 360-Degree View of Mount Everest is Going Viral

Breathtaking 360-Degree View of Mount Everest is Going Viral

A video recorded in 2021 making waves on social media shows a stunning 360 degree view of Mount Everest.

Standing at a remarkable height of about 8,848 meters, Mount Everest holds the title of being the tallest mountain in the world. Its beautiful snow-capped mountains and challenging landscapes have captured the hearts and minds of adventure seekers. Recently, a video recorded in 2021 is making waves on social media showing a breathtaking 360-degree view of Mount Everest. Gao Li who has a mountain range filmed on May 12, 2021, this unique video shows the surroundings of Everest, leaving the viewers speechless.

Sharing the video, Li wrote, “Hi, 8848.86! Amazing 360 degree view of Mount Everest! I shot it up on May 12. This is the second time I climbed Everest with Mingma G, the leader of Imagine Nepal. The first time I met was May 14, 2018.”

Mount Everest and the surrounding mountains were awe-inspiring for the athletes. One user wrote “Amazing review and appreciation”, while another said “Fantastic”.

Another user appreciating Gao Li’s efforts wrote, “I am amazed by your ability.” Another replied: “Congratulations bro, stay safe and carry on.”

According to Gao Li’s Instagram biography, this traveler is on a journey to climb seven mountains on seven continents. Interestingly, he has climbed six peaks, including Everest, K2, Annapurna, Lhotse, Makalu and Broad Peak. Last month, Kami Rita Sherpa, a famous Nepalese climber, made history again. At 53, Sherpa has achieved the impressive milestone of 28 successful ascents of Mount Everest, surpassing his own previous record. Sherpa’s climbing and climbing journey began on May 13, 1994, when he achieved his first successful ascent of Mount Everest, which sparked his passion for mountaineering. Since then, he has been working hard in his quest and today holds the top position of Mountaineering Guide in Kathmandu, Nepal. Climbing companies rely on Nepalese guides, especially Sherpas from the Everest region. These guides are the backbone of the company, taking great risks to transport essential equipment and food, set up ropeways and repair ladders. Nepal has eight of the world’s top ten peaks, making it a popular tourist destination.

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