This is How Much You Have To Pay To Get A Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Canada Permanent Residence Visa

Many Indians move abroad in search of better job prospects, a good lifestyle, and sometimes to be close to their relatives who must have moved overseas for various reasons. Well, many Indians in recent years have moved to other cities around the world. And these Indians are believed to have very high paying jobs now that they have settled overseas. Well that’s it! But why should anyone be prevented from living in the city or country they wants?

So, considering that a large number of Indians prefer to move to Canada, we found out how much you have to pay to get a Canadian permanent residence visa.

Canadian permanent residency offerings

Canada has a wide range of options when it comes to settling there. There are several programs and defined costs to settle in the country. The total cost is calculated based on the number of family members and selected immigration programs. The processing fee for moving to Canada is a one-time cost to you.

Although the rate is predefined, the cost may vary depending on the Indian currency.

Cost in dollars and Indian currency

Canada PR Application Fees: $ 825 (₹ 63,998.80)

For a secondary application (for your partner), the prices remain the same: $ 825 (₹ 63,998.80)

For each dependent child (under 22) – $ 225 per child (₹ 17,454.22)

Right of Permanent Residence – RPRF (Landing Fees), per adult – $ 500 (₹ 38,787)

The above fees are processing fees, but there will be other additional expenses. For example, the RPRF fee, the language proficiency test, and even medical tests.

With proper planning and a little research, you can easily get your permanent resident visa for Canada.

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