Crowd of People Heading Towards Dudhsagar Falls : Entry Refused, Railway Police Issued A Ban

Crowd of People Heading Towards Dudhsagar Falls : Entry Refused, Railway Police Issued A Ban

Just days after the Goa government banned people from visiting the waterfalls in wildlife sanctuaries, a new ban came into effect. The Railway Police has banned people from visiting Dudhsagar Falls without permission from the Goa government. The move came after many people were seen on the train tracks to visit the giant waterfall.

On Sunday morning, hundreds of people were seen walking along the road near the cascading waterfall. The Railway Protection Force (RPF) and forest department officials stopped these people on their way to Dudhsagar Falls.

A video of hundreds of people stopped on the train tracks by officials has already gone viral. The staff told me that people used the train to pass by this waterfall and get off here. In fact, the roads leading to these areas have been closed due to heavy rains in these areas. According to officials, people visit the waterfall from Goa and Karnataka. They are from Mangalore, Bengaluru, Uttara Kannada and Maharashtra districts. Dudhsagar Falls is located on the Goa-Karnataka border. People were told to do sit-ins as punishment and fired.

South Western Railway Issues Advisory

Looking at the situation as so many people thronged the scenic spot, the South Western Railway issued an advisory for the general public. It asked people to witness the beauty of the majestic Dudhsagar waterfalls from their respective coach windows only.

It was mentioned that walking on the tracks challenges not only their safety but is also considered an offence. The Railway Act’s Section 147 and Section 259 were also mentioned. The official account requested that people follow the rules and cooperate for their own safety. De-boarding at any station near Brazanga Ghat has been prohibited.

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