Dome Stays in India For A Dream Vacation in The Mountains

Dome Stays in India

Do you like being inside a cozy dome in an unspoiled environment? To find them, you won’t have to fly to Dubai or Switzerland. In some of the most picturesque places in India, there are some hidden properties that offer experiential stays in the dome for nature-loving travelers. Guests can snuggle inside these luxurious domes and merge their souls with the mesmerizing nature that surrounds them. So what are the best properties offering dome stays in India? Here are some options.

Bird’s Eye Estate, Coorg

Do you want to have a glamping experience in Coorg’s coffee plantations? The geodesic domes of Bird’s Eye Estate will come to your rescue. From here you can enjoy a breathtaking view of the mountains and the valley. The best part is that if you book through Airbnb, you can have the whole property to yourself.

Trinity By IHD, Coorg

Trinity By IHD is located in Coorg and has a domed room with a beautiful interior. Stay in this room and you will have the feeling of being inside a luxury capsule with all modern comforts.

GlampEco, Prini

Stay inside a glass dome at GlampEco, nestled in the lush forests of Prini in Himachal. The entire property here is shrouded in snow during the winter months. A river meanders near this glamping site, lined with towering pine trees. At GlampEco, you can discover paradise in the lap of serenity.

Itsy Bitsy, Parvati Valley

Itsy Bitsy’s transparent cabins will give you the feeling of living under the stars. Stay in these domes surrounded by the mountain valley and capture sunrises and sunsets up close. The cabins are also equipped with kitchens and the beds directly overlook the mountains. A stop here will be like a beautiful dream come true.

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