Effigy Of Coronavirus and Twin Towers on Dussehra

Effigy Of Coronavirus and Twin Towers on Dussehra

Effigy Of Coronavirus and Twin Towers on Dussehra. Dussehra is a grand celebration on the last day of the Navratri festival. Also known as Vijayadasami, this festival marks the victory of good over evil. And to celebrate the triumph of truth over evil on this Dussehra, Delhiites have thought to vanquish unique villains of recent times.


Defeating evil in Dussehra this year could mean taking down Noida’s twin towers, fighting the coronavirus, and holding cybercrime perpetrators to account. Ramlila’s organisers in Delhi came up with unique villains to be burnt on this Dussehra alongside Ravana, Kumbhakaran, and Meghnad.

Indraprastha Considers Noida Twin Towers As One Of The Unique Villains To Burn On This Dussehra

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Twin Tower Effigy In Indraprastha

According to the Times of India, committee members of Indraprastha were asked to consider four options for the unique villains concept, including twin towers, drug dealers, coronavirus, and cybercrime. On Monday night, a majority agreed with the Twin Towers, symbols of corruption and greed, as the fourth image.

Meanwhile, Shri Ramlila Committee Indraprastha added new episodes such as Ram and Ravana performing Shiv Tandav Stotram. Focusing on facts that bring more emotion to the scene such as the true story of Ahalya and when Shri Ram grieves because Lakshman is in a coma.

Coronavirus effigy In Dwarka

Shri Ramlila Society in Dwarka Sector 10 has considered the coronavirus as one of the unique villains of this Dussehra because the pandemic has affected everybody in some way or the other. In fact, for the second year in a row, festive celebrations, including Ramlila had significant restrictions. The Ramlila Society of Dwarka also installed a 140-foot LED screen for the show.

The coronavirus will also be demonised in Rohini Sector 11, and its burning is meant to convey the message that all bad things don’t last forever. At Rohini, organisers staged the stage like a studio with a 120-foot digital screen.

Janakpuri Will Have An Excellent Portrayal Of Ramayan

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Janakpuri’s 250-foot stage uses digital images of forests, rivers, and fortresses rather than elaborate set designs. Cranes and elevators are used to depict aerial episodes, such as Hanuman carrying Sanjeevani’s herbs to Lakshman.

Thus, Delhiites, which Ramyan objective you will visit on this Dussehra, do tell us.

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