Eco-Friendly Electric Bus Will Run From Pune To Ahmednagar

Eco-Friendly Electric Bus Will Run From Pune To Ahmednagar

Climate change, sustainability and environmental awareness are what everyone is discussing right now.

The governments of Indian states are also doing their part to reduce their carbon footprint. The Maharashtra State Road Transport Corporation (MSRTC) will launch its first electric buses, which will be operational from June 1 from Pune to Ahmednagar. The e-bus called ‘Shivai’ will operate in several stages.

E-Bus on the Pune-Ahmednagar route from 1st June

The first electric bus will run on June 1st. while MSRTC celebrates its founding day. The MSRTC will launch approximately 150 buses in the first phase. The MSRTC will also receive 1,000 electric buses and 2,000 CNG buses in different stages. Currently, the organization has up to 18,000 buses, with more than a lakh employees and 248 bus depots. The MSRTC manages services within the state and adjoining areas.

Other states with electric bus services

Many states of India, including Maharashtra, have implemented electric buses, which are the best option for large metropolitan cities to go green and reduce pollution. Some of the major cities currently using electric buses are Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, and even Pune. The MSRTC initiative will help further reduce the carbon footprint of the city of Pune.

Why are electric bus services compared to others?

Well, the electric bus service not only helps keep climatic conditions in place, but switching to one will significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions. These gases have a negative effect on children’s health, as well as on people with asthma or respiratory ailments. And in some of India’s major cities, such as parts of Delhi, NCR has seen a significant increase in the level of ozone gases.

The possible transition from petrol to electric vehicles is an absolute necessity, considering the type of environmental impact it has, as well as the additional health risk it entails.

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