FairyTale FarmHouse Near Nainital

FairyTale FarmHouse Near Nainital

FairyTale FarmHouse Near Nainital

FairyTale FarmHouse Near Nainital. Just 55 km away from Nainital a luxurious boutique hotel can take your senses on a gleeful ride. Nestled in the Kumaoni Himalayas, The Orchard at Peora Estates looks like a slice of Tuscany in Uttarakhand. Inspired by Florentine architecture, the farmhouse features tall arch windows, multi-hued glasses and elegant suites. 

Tuscan Farmhouse Near Nainital Surrounded By Mist-Wrapped Himalayas

The Orchard lies in Uttarakhand’s Peora village, on an emerald lawn surrounded by the mist-wrapped mountains. FairyTale FarmHouse Near Nainital. The hotel has four suites, namely, Inspire, Imagine, Enchant and The Royal Suite. The suites are very spacious and furnished with European king-size beds, traditional lounge chairs and chic chandeliers.

They accompany first class conveniences like downpour showers, ayurvedic skin basics, carefully assembled cleansers, espresso producers and hostile to sensitivity pads. Fairytale farm house near Nainital. The conventional composing work areas here will propel the creator in you. Every one of the suites, aside from Move, a chimney as well. The rooms with heated floors to keep you warm during stone cold winter time.

An eminent Italian architect deserves praise for the hotel’s design. The suites come with cosy balconies that offer mesmerising views of the Kumaoni valley. The Kosi river flows near the hotel.

Have A Curated Farm-To-Table Experience By Professional Chefs

A splendid stay is always accompanied by gourmet food. The Orchard brings to its guests farm-to-table experience with flavourful dishes meticulously prepared by the chefs. The cooks at the hotel curate meat from the local market and fish from the Kumaoni rivers to offer fresh, dishes. Guests can enjoy  dining under the sky at the farm of the property.

Time to abandon the city life  to the easy street at The Plantation.

Highlight Picture Credits: The Orchard at Peora Estates/Instagram

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