Fantastic Places in Delhi That Most Tourists End Up Overlooking

Fantastic Places in Delhi That Most Tourists End Up Overlooking

Delhi is the city of monuments. Despite having 174 protected and cared for monuments, it has hundreds more that are still a mystery. We often make the same visits to Red Fort, Old Fort, Hauz Khas, and more, but we end up seeing some of the equally attractive but far less visited and explored places in the city. If you consider yourself a real Delhiite, be sure to cover your bases by visiting the places on this list of neglected places in Delhi as soon as possible!

Jahaz Mahal

Can you look at this photo and honestly tell us you are not surprised this is in Delhi? No, this is not part of the Red Fort or the Old Fort. This is a wonderful architectural clock located in Mehrauli called Jahaz or ship due to its reflection in the Hauz-i-Shamshi body of water built around it. Although the actual origins of the monument are still in question, it is believed that it was built during the reign of the Lodhi dynasty as a real playground. And still today what a pleasure to contemplate the monument!

Satpula Bridge

Saket has a number of shopping malls to its name, but it is also home to some glorious landmarks, one of which is the often mistakenly overlooked Satpula Bridge. Satpula is a Hindi word meaning saat pul or seven bridges and the structure still stands as a testament to the name. The structure is today in a dilapidated state, but it looks glorious and completely different than the sprawling greens it sits on. To see Delhi in a completely different way, take the road less traveled and head to Satpula for a quiet afternoon.

Bara Gumbad

The Lodi Garden is one of the most famous attractions of the city, yet tourists often miss this hidden gem hidden in the heart of the Lodhi Gardens: the Bara Gumbad or the “Big Dome”. It was built in the 15th century by Sikander Lodi and is the entrance to the three-domed mosque. During your visit, you can also look for Athpula, an eight-hole bridge that crosses a tranquil lake, built during the reign of Emperor Akbar. Head here to enjoy the charm of these majestic pieces of architecture as soon as possible!

Mirza Ghalib Ki Haveli

Mirza Ghalib was at the center of the imagination of all the inhabitants of Delhi. We rushed in groups to see her poetry readings and her plays at Mandi House. But her haveli at Chandni Chowk hasn’t caught on with the masses yet, which is a shame because it’s the perfect place to sit and feel what her poetry readings of her would have been like had she lived in the 19th century. The ASI Protected Monument is a beautiful reminder of Ghalib, his work and her life, perfect for all lovers of history, Ghalib and poetry.

Champa Gali

Delhi’s secret cultural center is reminiscent of Athenian streets: on the smooth surfaces of the floors, glittering with lights, teeming with drinks and conversation, and titled with colorful decorative tapestries. As well as being the perfect place for a date, Champa Gali is also the perfect place in the city to get away from the hustle and bustle. For a lovely evening with rustic old world charm, visit Champa Gali and we promise it will be unlike any date you’ve been in town.

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