Fastest Solo Car Expedition: Kerala Man Sets Record 97 Days

Fastest Solo Car Expedition: Kerala Man Sets Record 97 Days

Emil George, a car and travel enthusiast and content creator from Kerala, has set an incredible record for the fastest car journey covering 28 states and six Union Territories in just 97 days! He entered his name in the Indian Book of Records for the fastest car journey across the territory of India.

This is huge, as the 35-year-old himself did not know that he would achieve this much before embarking on this journey. He embarked on the journey as part of his ‘Discover India’ journey, during which he covered 19,426 kilometers in 97 days.

The tour across India started on September 20, 2022 and ended on December 26, 2022. In an interview he said that his goal was not to set a record and it was only when a friend suggested he apply for a team that he realized he could set a record!

Before that, George traveled more than 1,000 km from Patna to Meerut on the Purvanchal highway for about 20 hours. He says that “driving gives me immense pleasure.” He received his certificate at the end of April this year.

Talking about his experience, George said that he had many experiences related to food, people, driving style and road etiquette. He called Mizoram one of the “quiet” roads in the country because no one honked and there were trained drivers and “driving in Mizoram is like driving in Europe, n “Mindfulness!”

He encountered aggressive drivers on the Pune-Vapi highway, where drivers are merciless. Counting down his record day, George added that he would be back soon after the 12 days he was stuck in landslides in Sikkim and Ladakh.

He calls it a forced stopover, which is more interesting than he expected, since there are not many travelers in Ladakh who travel during the cold season. People need special abilities to get access.

But in his track record, George has shown that nothing is impossible if you are ready to achieve the goal!

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