Fried Ice Cream & Tandoori Chai on the Streets of Mussoorie

fried ice cream

Fried Ice Cream is that for real?

We were roaming on the mall road of Mussoorie near the camelback area and suddenly this fried ice cream restaurant catch our eye. So we decided to give it a try

Actually, it was a very unique concept by using Rock hard Frozen Vanilla Ice Cream Dipped in Batter to create
an outstanding dish is known as Fried Ice cream.

Fried Ice Cream was Crisp on the outside and creamy on the inside creating a unique flavor to Experience.

that is not all! they were also offering Tandoori Chai to make their shop a complete package to tickle your taste buds.

Tandoori Chai Lava on my kullad!


Tandoori Chai was extremely hot with an essence of burned clay pot creating tandoori fragrance and feel.

tandoori chai


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