Dandeli grew into one of Karnataka’s main tourist attractions because of the rafting of the river adventure in the river times. Dandeli is an extraordinary goal in the middle of fertile greenery for every adventure fan. Located on the west side of Karnataka, this place has many things to offer and tourists visit Dandeli throughout the year. But the most significant and unique aspects of Dandeli are white water rafting on the river times in Karnataka. This adventurous sport increases the popularity of this hidden gem every day. People from India and abroad visit here because of experiencing this exciting adventure.

The scenic beauty of this part of Karnataka is surreal with its mountains, caves, Dandeli Wildlife Sanctuary, Anshi National Park, Shiroli Peak, and of course Kali river in Karnataka. If you want to go on an adventurous ride with your friends, then this is your ultimate destination.

Everything You Need To Know About Dandeli White Water Rafting

  • There are many private operators and organizations with the Karnataka forest department that organizes this river rafting.
  • The rafting stretch of Kali River in Dandeli extends up to 12 km.
  • The stretch is surrounded by dense forests, making the view even more magical.
  • In between the stretch, you will find grade 2 and grade 3 rapids on the way which will add to the fun and thrill of your experience.
  • The entire duration of this exhilarating sport is almost 4 hours. It also includes the transportation from the resort to the beginning point.
  • You can find tourists here all year round. But the best time to discover this stunning adventure is between October and January. The view is mesmerizing at this point in time. The temperature stays mostly between 18°C to 25°C.
  • Visiting after the monsoons is the best time as the weather is very pleasant. The weather makes the experience even more memorable.
  • You can even choose to raft during the initial months of the year. You will be able to witness cultural activities in Dandeli at this time. The temperature stays around 20°C to 28°C during these months.
  • Lastly, the camp in Dandeli not only organizes river rafting. They organize various adventure sports and activities like kayaking, bird watching, hiking, trekking canoeing, and nature walks; making it one of the most loved tourist destinations for adventure lovers.

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