Green Card For Indians : To Wait Longer Now

Green Card For Indians
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Indians Will Now Have To Wait Longer To Get The US Green Card

Could it be said that you are dreaming to experience your rich American dream? Indeed, you need to stand by a piece longer to get a US Green card. The quantity of candidates for the US green card is expanding dramatically however just 7% against applications for a nation is adjusted for the US Green card. In the middle between, very nearly a hundred thousand Indians apply for these cards consistently. Thus, they must choose the option to sit tight for quite a while, considerably longer.

Indians Will Have To Wait To Get The US Green Card

According to a new report by the US movement organization, 3,69,322 candidates are anticipating visa accessibility. These candidates have supported work visa petitions. A large portion of these tremendous quantities of candidates fall under the EB2 classification and EB3 class. Different innovation organizations utilize these two classifications for supporting visas for outsider experts. These visas accompany the choice of super durable residency. What’s more, individuals can utilize this visa choice to get a green card.

Do You Have any idea about Which Country Applied The Highest Number Of Employment-Based Green Cards?

The response to this question is Indians. Indians applied the biggest number of petitions for the work based green card. In the initial two fourth of financial 2022, which is from October 2021 to March 2022, Indians petitioned for the most elevated I-140 petitions. The US Citizenship and Immigration Services delivered the numbers. Discussing numbers, this organization got a sum of 37,719 applications in the beyond a half year. During the range of the most recent a half year, they endorsed 25,274 applications. These endorsed applications additionally incorporate a few recently documented applications.


Migrants who have H-1B and L-1 visas, can work and remain in the United States for just a severe timeframe. This is the explanation for such an interest for Green cards or extremely durable residency in the US. Indians need to stand by lengthy to carry on with their fantasy life in the United States now. There are a lot more purposes for the deferral. The overseeing accomplice at LawQuest imparted to the ET, “They have not given the quantity of relatives joined to these essential candidates, which is significant in light of the fact that visas conceded to relatives are figured in with the per-country greatest permitted every year. In this way, we are taking a gander at quite a few years of stand by time.”

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