Haryana Pharma Company Gives Cars To Its Employees On Diwali and Honors Them As ‘Celebrities’

Haryana Pharma Company Gives Cars To Its Employees On Diwali and Honors Them As ‘Celebrities’

In a heartwarming gesture, the CEO of Panchkula, a pharmaceutical company in Haryana surprised his employees with a special Diwali gift: a new Tata Punch car. A video showing Mr Bhatia himself handing over the car keys to 12 employees, including an office worker, went viral on social media. Speaking to ANI, Mr Bhatia shared that he was impressed by the dedication and hard work of his employees, whom he fondly referred to as ‘celebrities’ last year. This time he decided to give them this special gift.

On the LinkedIn page of Mr. Bhatia, the video shows an excited user standing next to the newly unveiled car in the showroom. He told reporters that these employees have always shown loyalty to the company and contributed to its growth.

In another video, Mr. Bhatia emphasized that he always treats his employees like celebrities and stars working within their own company. He explained: “Because we make them feel that they are famous, the media has now understood and supported what we have believed for a long time. He also acknowledged the company’s journey to its ups and downs, and praised these employees for remaining loyal and contributing to the company’s progress, calling them “our stars.”

Although the cars were given a month ago, the news started paying attention this month. Mr Bhatia said it was a coincidence that the news came out around Diwali, as he had not planned it this way.

The employees, in turn, are interested in this generous offer. Shilpa, CEO of MitsKart, expressed her joy saying, “Eight years ago, when I joined, Sir had shared his dream of providing cars to his employees. Today, he has turned this dream into reality to our happiness. do not know the limit.

In fact, Mr. Bhatia unknowingly brought forth a Diwali celebration like no other, transforming his employees’ dreams into a spectacular reality and making it an unforgettable and perfect festival of lights!

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