How Much Food Delivery Executives Earn in Various Cities of India

How Much Food Delivery Executives Earn in Various Cities of India

Everyone who works has the right to receive recognition in terms of money and respect. The delivery executives in India which on one-click ensure that our favorite foods are sent to us in a short time having different incentive schemes and payment structures depend on the state or city. Here is how much food delivery executives earn In different cities.


Salary in a food delivery company per month is ₹ 12,500 and order commissions received per order are ₹ 17. The salary here is interesting and also presents good incentives


A delivery person at Ahmedabad earns around ₹ 25 for each delivery using bike and ₹ 18 for each delivery with a cycle. A good part is that incentive income and rating earnings is decent.

Metro cities

This income is very different and high in Metro City such as Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, etc. The delivery executives earn around ₹ 12k to ₹ 15K part time and ₹ 20k full time. If some extra efforts are taken by executives, they can also get around ₹ 30k a month.


In Pune, a delivery executive shared the information, he said that the executives earn about  ₹45 per delivery adding ₹30 per hour, ₹200 is the bonus they earn for working 8 hours a day and the bonus for working 5 hours is ₹50.


In Vishakapatnam, at least six orders must be delivered to receive ₹800 per day. Also, incentives ₹ 60 per order are given on a settlement of 14 orders.


A food delivery company in Chennai pays ₹ 800 normally on Saturday and ₹ 1600 on Sundays mandatory and pay extra for extra efforts.


The delivery guy gets ₹ 30 per order and they can do as much delivery as they want in a day. They also provide targets, which when men are achieved to receive a bonus amount.

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