How to Choose The Right Seat For A Train Ride

How to Choose The Right Seat For A Train Ride

Now that the world is open to travel, domestic and international travel bookings are in full swing. When it comes to training runs, nothing is more comfortable and lighter than them. But train journeys can be a bit longer at times depending on the destination and the route and therefore it is important to choose the right seat. So here are some tips on how to choose the right seat.

Understanding the different types of seats

Indian Railways have seats divided into AC and non-AC. Under AC we have First Class AC, Two-tier class AC, Executive Chair Class AC and Three-tier AC. While in no air-conditioned mode, we have first class, sleeper class, no reservation class, and second class. Different types have different prices.

Sleeper Class or Higher Class

The sleeper class is the same as the 3 tier class without AC. If you are a traveler on a tight budget or someone who would like to chat with the locals, the sleeper class is for you. It is better to choose sleeper or higher class seats, as 2S is not very comfortable and therefore not recommended.

Side berths

The side berths may be your choice, in fact, the best if you are a couple or if you are traveling alone. It has two sleeping seats, one above the other, which makes it comfortable for two people or for those traveling alone.

Know your preferences

AC coaches are cleaner, safer and more comfortable than non-AC. AC coaches offer bedding facilities while NOn-AC doesn’t. You can simply analyze the train seat type and route and book tickets according to your convenience and preference.

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