In Delhi’s Janakpuri Area, There is a Huge Hole in The Middle of The Road

In Delhi’s Janakpuri Area, There is a Huge Hole in The Middle of The Road

Janakpuri is an affluent area of ​​Delhi and a major shopping center for shoppers. Recently a video of Janakpuri road has gone viral and it has a huge hole in the middle of the road. People were shocked by the condition of the road and called on the government to fix it. Look at the condition of Janakpuri road. Earlier in the morning, a large section of the highway collapsed in southwest Delhi’s Janakpuri area. As soon as they arrived, the police cordoned off the area near Possangipur Road. No one was injured, authorities said, because there was no traffic on the road at the time.

There Is A Huge Hole Right In The Middle Of The Road In Delhi’s Janakpuri

Alternative routes have been provided for all heavy vehicles. The PWD officials, meanwhile, could not confirm the reason or how the failure took place. Although there was light rain in the area on Tuesday, there has been no flooding in the area since. The area was cordoned off in time to avoid any unwanted incident, according to the police, and informed the officials in charge of the situation. The Pankha to Janakpuri road and the road from Mangolpuri to Janakpuri are damaged, according to information given to the traffic police. One of the users asked why these roads are failing. Why is there an area under the road where people can fall? Unless we are on a bridge, crossing, or crossing a river, it is often believed that there is solid ground under the road.

Another user says that these craters look like those on the moon. Residents of Delhi can see the sky like the moon. People criticized the government for poor road infrastructure. For others, they are tagging the Delhi government and asking for the repair of the road.

Locals Are Complaining About The Roads

Also, there is a question about why this road has collapsed naturally if there are other roads showing the same condition.

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