Travel enthusiasts will soon be able to visit the bustling Grand Bazaar, the immaculate Blue Mosque and the divine Hagia Sophia in Turkey. Such as? Well, India’s largest airline and low cost airline, IndiGo, offers you a return airfare on the India-Turkey route starting at ₹ 34,999. IndiGo operates daily direct flights from Delhi Indira Gandhi Airport to Istanbul International Airport in Turkey. Here’s more.

IndiGo offers discounted airline tickets on India-Turkey route

If you want to escape India’s heatwave or Bangalore’s unusual rain showers and head to Turkey, let IndiGo lead the way. The budget airline offers discounted tickets on the India-Turkey route starting at ₹ 34,999. IndiGo has not only direct flights from Delhi to Turkey but also connecting flights from 8 Indian cities such as Mumbai, Chennai and others. The one-way air ticket fare starts from ₹ 21,546.

Turkey is the sixteenth international destination on route

IndiGo launched direct flights from India to Turkey on March 20, 2019. IndiGo has deployed an Airbus A321 aircraft to carry passengers to Turkey. It is the 16th international destination on its list. IndiGo has more than 200 aircraft, flying to more than 16 international destinations and 52 domestic destinations with 1,300 daily flights. It is the largest airline in India.

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