India Witnessed a 90% Increase in Everyday Case: Will the Travel Be Affected?

India Witnessed a 90% Increase in Everyday Case: Will the Travel Be Affected?

India witnessed a 90 percent increase in fresh Covid-19 cases. With a total of 2,183 new cases recorded in just 24 hours, India’s tally of the Covid-19 case are now at 4,3044,280. While active cases were reduced to 11,542, the death toll had just increased by 214, including 213 from Kerala and 1 in Uttar Pradesh. This has caused a question, is this a fourth covid-19 wave and will travel affected?

Face Mask is Mandatory in Chandigarh & Lucknow On Monday, April 18, Delhi recorded 501 positive cases of Covid-19. India recorded a 90 percent increase in new cases. This has caused masks once again mandated in Chandigarh because of the surge in Covid-19 case. Chandigarh has directed its citizens to take advocated masks in the cinema room, classrooms, indoor meetings, public transportation, shopping malls and offices. The Government of Uttar Pradesh has made mandatory masks in public places in Lucknow and the National Capital Region (NCR).

5 states in India with increasing Covid-19 cases

When it comes to traveling, several countries in India such as Delhi, Maharashtra, Kerala, Mizoram and Haryana reported a gradual uptick in the case of Covid-19. Data from the UNI Ministry of Health revealed that the Covid-19 calculation overall India reached 4,30,39,025, with active caseload 11,058. This accounted for 0.03 percent of the total. When India witnessed a 90 percent increase in Covid-19 cases, only true to reflect if it was truly safe to travel or needed for the same thing. Especially when you travel to five states above, wear your mask, follow the social distance guidelines and avoid trips at all if possible. Meanwhile, until you can travel to Delhi, this is a virtual tour for the same thing.

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