Indian Students Only Need Their Student ID To Get A Visa To Japan, The Japanese Ambassador Said

Indian Students Only Need Their Student ID To Get A Visa To Japan, The Japanese Ambassador Said

Good news for Indian students who want to go to Japan to further their studies. According to a new report, the Ambassador of Japan to India Hiroshi F Suzuki has issued an invitation to Indian students and young people, encouraging them to explore educational opportunities in Japan.

In an interview with YouTuber Mayo San, Suzuki said that it is easy to get a student visa for Japan. All you have to do is present your student ID card.

Highlighting the streamlined visa process, as well as several skill development programs and promising job prospects, the minister highlighted the huge potential that awaits Indian aspirants in the ‘land of the east’. Suzuki sent a specific message to Indians: especially the youth, encouraging them to consider studying and working in Japan. He addressed the students directly, assuring them that obtaining a visa is remarkably easy, requiring only the presentation of a student ID.

In addition, Suzuki said that there is a significant development in the visa regulations for Indian students, stating that within three years of graduating from an Indian university, students can submit a certificate of visa status. visa for a short period of time -long stay on tour.

This reform seeks to promote better people-to-people relations in India, with an emphasis on increasing the number of young visitors.

Suzuki expressed optimism about the increasing number of Indians coming to Japan for study and work, seeing a positive path in the relationship between the two countries. In simple terms, Suzuki reflected on his culinary experience in India, calling Indian food “a culture shock.” As she expressed her desire to continue eating this delicious food, she admitted with a smile that she found it so delicious that it made her cry. their eyes.

Suzuki also shared his thoughts on his favorite Indian cuisine, expressing his love for the variety of flavors found throughout the country. He shared an unforgettable experience at Misal Pav in Pune, laughingly recounting the fun challenges he and his wife had. Reflecting on his interest in India, Suzuki revealed his favorite places, including the beautiful Ranthambore Gardens in Rajasthan and the beautiful Darjeeling.

Suzuki was asked about the big difference between Japan and India, Suzuki pointed out that the language is very different. He highlighted the unified literary system of Japan in the linguistic diversity of India, surprisingly in many different literatures in India, comparing each state and country with different characteristics him.

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