Indian Wears A Covid-Certificate T-Shirt While Traveling

Indian Wears A Covid-Certificate T-Shirt While Traveling

Let me paint you a picture. You are walking into a shopping mall, visiting a cinema or entering an airport, and are asked to show your Covid-19 vaccination certificate. And there he is standing on the corner of a street, scrolling the phone to look for the vaccination certificate. Isn’t that complicated enough? Well, an Indian had a great idea. He wore a t-shirt with his Covid-19 certificate printed on it, which made his flying experience totally hassle-free.

The man prints the Covid-19 certificate on his t-shirt and travels in style
To save himself the hassle of presenting an electronic or paper copy of a Covid-19 certificate, a man’s father decided to wear a t-shirt with his certificate printed on it. The social media user shared on Twitter a photo of his elderly father wearing the shirt while traveling. The Twitter caption hilariously says that while children bring printed copies of vaccination certificates, adults bring printed copies, legends print the Covid-19 certificate on a t-shirt so that no one will bother them.

Comedian Atul Khatri also wore a t-shirt with a vaccination certificate

Twitter flooded the post, with many commenting that “the boy is indeed a genius”, with one user giggle saying the man lives in 2042. To clarify the situation further, the man revealed that his father has received this shirt as a gift. of their IIT-BHU lot pairings. Earlier, comedian Atul Khatri had also posted a photo of himself wearing a white T-shirt with the Covid-19 certificate printed on it. In his he post on Instagram, the comedian revealed that he was tired of presenting his certificate at hotels and airports, so he decided it was a smarter way of doing things.

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