Influencer Raised ₹1.8 Cr For The Uber Driver Who Helped Her When She Was Robbed

Influencer Raised ₹1.8 Cr For The Uber Driver Who Helped Her When She Was Robbed

Here are some positive news to improve your morning. 23-year-old social media influencer Becca was stranded at Coachella, a music festival in California, after her phone, credit card and rental car keys were stolen. She got stuck for a while after the robbery. According to a media report, Becca received help from an Uber driver after the accident.

Becca’s experience with the Uber driver

Uber driver Raúl Torres took Becca to a store to buy a new phone. Along the way, Becca told Raul the whole robbery incident. Becca told the media that Torres didn’t leave her at the store, but she instead waited and made sure she had a phone. Torres took the day off from work, took Becca to Starbucks and then took her to a police station to report the robbery.

Becca said the police were able to trace her phone but she couldn’t find it. Torres’s kindness didn’t end here, and he even went with her to look for her phone. They were finally able to find it. Luckily, even the credit card was inside the phone case.

Social media power

After the busy day, Becca took to social media to update her followers on the day’s events. She told them about the kindness of the Uber driver and how he saved her day! She created a GoFundme for Torres to raise support for her daughter, who was battling cancer. And that’s not all, and Tik Tok users have donated a whopping Rs 1.8 crore for Torres’ daughter. And the funds are just growing. Becca expressed how the funds were raised in just 24 hours. No wonder acts of kindness never go to waste.

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