Now You Can Book Your Train Tickets Via SMS And Voice With IRCTC

irctc text and voice feature

Indian Railways Tourism and Catering Corporation leaves no stone unturned in making the booking and travel process for passengers simple and convenient. This time around, IRCTC has been equipped with a new feature that will make it easier for you to book train tickets from the IRCTC website or app. The new initiative is very interesting and also very useful. The new IRCTC initiative is about booking train tickets by “text and voice”.

What is this text and voice feature?

It’s a new chatbot feature that helps book train tickets conveniently. It is no longer necessary to use a password to book tickets. Just use a One Time Password (OTP) to complete the process. Using “AskDisha 2.0 Beta ChatBot”, you can talk or chat to book tickets or know any updates. The feature is very useful as you can check PNR status, ticket availability, change boarding station, cancel ticket, check refund status, view e-ticket, download ERS and much more.

How to use AskDisha 2.0 Beta ChatBot?

Log in to the IRCTC website or open the IRCTC app.

Click on the chatbot icon to continue the process.

You can click the microphone icon on your right to book your ticket by voice. Simply speak your ticket details by pressing the microphone icon and you will be directed to all available rail options. There is also an option to write and send text messages.

Select one to your liking and fill in the required details and continue.

You will soon receive an OTP. Use it to book your train ticket.

You can also download the ticket to take it with you. There is an option to use any of the English and Hindi languages.

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