Join AI-Powered Robot Waiters And Dine at This Lucknow Restaurant

Join AI-Powered Robot Waiters And Dine at This Lucknow Restaurant

Imagine sitting in a restaurant impatiently waiting for the waiters to take your order. However, instead of the usual diners, you are greeted by the presence of robots who serve as waiters. Yes, you read that right. And the best part? You don’t need to travel abroad to see the glory of this technology; it is here in Lucknow. Setting a new trend in the food world, “The Robot Restaurant – The Yellow House” has opened its doors in Lucknow. This innovative restaurant, based out of Jaipur, boasts of being the country’s first ‘robot restaurant’. What makes it unique is its two AI-powered robot servers, named “Ruby” and “Diva”.

Ruby and Diva are dressed in bright yellow shades. They are known as the pioneers of waiting for “Robot Restaurant – Yellow House” in Aliganj, the first robotic restaurant in Lucknow. These robotic servers can also interact with diners. In a polite manner, they say the words “Please excuse me” when they encounter an obstacle while traveling to a restaurant. After successfully delivering the order to the table, they say directly: “Your order has arrived.”

In addition, after customers finish their meal, clicking the exit button on the left side prompts these robots with the words “Enjoy your meal.”

Aniket Srivastava, the mastermind behind this immersive dining experience, says, “Robots work on an AI-based system that has been carefully designed by our engineers. After only 2-3 hours of charging, they can serve customers effortlessly for more than 12 hours. Using a sophisticated remote sensing system, we assign table numbers to the robots through the intelligent tablet-like interface behind these maestros. The bots also navigate seamlessly through the structured table, using Google’s navigation technology. If an obstacle gets in their way, these robots show remarkable grace by stopping immediately.

“The response from our customers has exceeded our expectations, with customers often queuing for tables at peak times. Our strategy and unique technology concept will attract prepared foodies, especially among our young customers, who love themselves and who are waiting for our robot,” added Ankit, and -says the hotel is already starting to make an impact. The restaurant’s menu offers a variety of dishes, from Mutton Korma and Chicken Handi to international dishes such as sushi, bao and dim sum. They also offer special drinks like Foxy and Chamatkar to enhance your dining experience with delicious flavors and memorable moments that you will remember.

Although Lucknow’s robot dining experience is a first for the city, the idea has already gained popularity in India. In 2017, Chennai launched the country’s first robot restaurant called ‘Robot’, taking inspiration from Japanese and Chinese restaurants. With this, in 2022, Noida and Jaipur have embraced this trend by opening their own robot restaurants.

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