Kolkata in The Year 2500: These AI Pictures of The Drowning City Look Very Beautiful

Kolkata in The Year 2500: These AI Pictures of The Drowning City Look Very Beautiful

Kolkata is home to architecture and residences that span decades and centuries. From the Victoria Memorial to the Princep Ghat to the Howrah Bridge, the City of Joy is steeped in its rich culture and heritage. Have you ever imagined what all these historical monuments will look like in a few hundred years? Intelligence now represents our thoughts in the work of art and the creator has restored this situation in a significant way.

Kolkata Artist Uses AI to Create Images of famous Landmarks In The Year 2500

Kolkata creator Apurba Roy took to his Instagram page Bonno Troll – Roy Apurba © (@bonno.troll) to share some pictures of the future city.

Here he used artificial intelligence to curate photos of Howrah Bridge, ITC Hotels, Rabindra Sarobar, Princep Ghat, Victoria Memorial, Lake Town Clock Tower, Biswa Bangla Gate, and more. In the images shared by the creator, he made it clear what Kolkata will look like in 2500. He explained how many glaciers will melt and raise the water level everywhere, especially coastal areas will be submerged under water.

These Pictures Are A Harsh Reality!

Climate change and its effects on the environment and life are evident. We hear about such tragedies every day in different parts of the world. The future is threatening and the ongoing climate change will lead to the worst period of human civilization.

These AI-curated images of Kolkata look terribly stunning and show us a glimpse of what might happen in the future if the entire world does not gear up to take efficient steps and measures to protect and save the planet.

Human activities are the main reason for the alarming increase in the melting of glaciers and sea ice. All the harmful and toxic greenhouse gases lead to such disasters. The summer of 2023 has shown the world how extreme temperatures are rising due to climate change.

Gone are the days when we only talked about planning to get to know the world. It’s time for everyone to step up, take action to reduce our carbon footprint, reduce pollution and do whatever it takes to build a better planet for our future and generations to come.

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