Krishna Temple In Snowy Mountains

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Krishna Temple In Snowy Mountains

Krishna Temple In Snowy Mountains.One of India’s most famous travel areas, Himachal Pradesh offers an assortment of climbing prospects. It is many times accepted that the mountains are firmly connected to Hindu Gods and Goddesses. A sanctuary committed to a particular god can be found anyplace you go climbing in the Himalayas, or en route. Be that as it may, rather than Lord Shiva, you could have an alternate encounter by climbing to the most elevated Sri Krishna sanctuary in India. Peruse on to know more.

The Highest Sri Krishna Temple In India

The tallest sanctuary of Lord Krishna in India is situated in Kinnaur locale of Himachal Pradesh. Yula Kanda Trekking is the name of the journeying course. You can arrive at the most noteworthy sanctuary on the planet, devoted to Lord Krishna, by climbing along the way across the Himalayas.


The Story Behind The Temple Lake

This famous temple is set in the middle of a lake. The locals think that the lake was built by the five Pandavas during their exile and was dedicated to Lord Krishna. That is why the temple of Sri Krishna is so high up in the hills.

Yulla Kunda Trekking: Surrounded By Snowy Mountains

The trek starts from the village of Yulla Khas, and takes you high up to the beautiful Lord Krishna Temple. There are other options as well. You could trek via Kashang Pass, or you can also take the Listigarang Pass to reach the lake. This trek is moderate in difficulty, and the best time to experience this would be from mid-May to mid-November. However, this trek can be done at any time of the year.

Celebrations Celebrated At The Temple

This sanctuary praises the Janmashtami celebration with incredible ceremony and dgrandeur. Consistently during Janmashtami, people from Kinnaur and different locales of Himachal Pradesh visit this sanctuary. Kinnar town and the Sri Krishna sanctuary are isolated by a 12-km strolling trail.

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