Malshej Ghat Monsoon View

MalshejGhat Monsoon view

Malshej Ghat Monsoon View Near Mumbai

Malshej Ghat is a pass in the very Western Ghats that goes through Maharashtra, India. It is situated at an elevation of 700 meters in the Pune region close to the boundary of the Thane and Ahmednagar areas.Malshej Ghat Monsoon View Near Mumbai. The ghats are found 121 km north of Pune and 129 km from Mumbai. This spot has been renowned for its tranquil magnificence, and cascades. Malshej Ghat is home to many various types of verdure, including quail, rails, cranes, flamingos, and cuckoos. The best chance to visit Malshej ghat is mid-rainstorm. Home to various cascades Malshej Ghat’s most elevated and biggest cascade is Kallu Waterfall. You’ll become hopelessly enamored with Kallu Falls on the off chance that you at any point visit them.

Kallu Waterfall


Kallu Waterfall is the most noteworthy and biggest cascade in the Malshej Ghat. Kalu Falls is situated in He one of the less popular spots in Maharashtra. The perfect Kallu cascade is partitioned into five phases. Seeing each of the 5 phases at one is absurd. As a matter of fact, during weighty downpours, the cascade can get serious too.

The rappelling level of the cascade is around 1200 feet. Kalu Falls was first rappelled in 1993 by the Camp Fire India Group drove by Arun Sawant. The view from this beautiful cascade is simply entrancing.

Visit Kallu Waterfalls During The Monsoon

Malshej Ghat is one of a handful of the storm areas with such countless tall cascades, birds, vegetation, and fauna. This makes Malshej Ghat an explorer’s all’s heaven. During the stormy season, the Kallu Falls is covered with mists, lavish plant life, and a hazy environment. You can likewise do rappelling here. The dreamlike climate, flawless scenes, stew climate, and most essentially the peacefulness will flabbergast you.

It is fitting that don’t visit Kallu falls during weighty downpour pours. The cascade during weighty downpour now and again gets serious. The best opportunity to visit Kallu Falls is between July to October.

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