Man Orders MacBook From Amazon During Sale, Receives Broken HP Laptop Instead

Man Orders MacBook From Amazon During Sale, Receives Broken HP Laptop Instead

I ordered something from Amazon but I received a completely different product. This seems to be a global problem now. We have received many cases where people bought a tool but received a stone instead, or maybe something else. Similarly, someone took to Reddit and shared how they get broken HP laptops while giving away MacBooks.

The man is now looking for advice on the next step. He also asked those who had similar experiences to come forward.

Taking to the social media platform, the man explained that he had ordered a MacBook Air M1 from Amazon on October 7 for a whopping amount of INR 63,000. The process is seamlessly configured and ready to deploy. When the boy arrives, he asks for OTP. “I believe it’s not open box delivery and customer support,” he explained. The man was given a package. “I started recording punches, only to find a broken HP panel in the box, as good as a book. It is a time of disbelief, what you expect does not happen to you,” he wrote.

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The man who reported this story to Amazon Support, offered a 14-day replacement guarantee. He also contacted through various emails from the seller and Amazon support and help desk. However, nothing has been done so far.

He explained that he was looking for advice on what else to do. “Since the price of the laptop has increased since I bought it, I am concerned about other possible costs. Has anyone here been in such a situation? » asked the man. The message, since it was posted online, has gone viral and many people have come forward to comment. “If it’s Amazon, he’ll probably get a refund without any emotional pain, but if it’s Flipkart, tear it up,” said a Reddit user. Another wrote: “The unboxing video is so important that I started my YouTube channel and put all the essentials for shoes/watches/laptops etc.” If I upload them, why not download them. »

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