Manali Prohibits Camping Without Permission, Illegal Camps To Be Permanently Removed

Manali Prohibits Camping Without Permission, Illegal Camps To Be Permanently Removed


Manali has always been a tourist destination because of the sightseeing and the adventures. But now the situation of camping in Manali without permission is now illegal. This step is taken by the government in order to stop the pollution and the illegal campsites present in the forest regions of Kullu-Manali. All the illegal tents present in those regions are asked to be removed permanently.

Sikkim also Banned Camping

Travelers come and put their camps without any permission. To put an end to this kind of situation it is now mandatory to have prior permission from the forest department and administration before setting up your camps. Last month, Sikkim also banned permanent camping for the same reasons.

A dedicated team has been assigned to keep a check at all the points, especially at the entrance routes of various trekking spots. The team is responsible to remove all the illegal setups and ask for permission first from travelers.

Meeting On The Illegal Campsites

As of late a gathering was held and there Division Forest Officer Angel Chauhan expressed setting up camp close to the water bodies is unsafe to the climate. “During storm, immersion is likewise conceivable that might in fact hurt the sightseers also.”

Surender Thakur the sub-divisional justice of Manali said there were different grumblings against the long-lasting setting up camp. He further added “these camping areas are littering regions and contaminating the water bodies, severe move will be initiated against this”

Expenses For Entering the Forest Areas


Not just this presently there’s even 50 rupees charge prior to entering the woodland areas of Kullu and Manali.

Solo setting up camp is likewise prohibited at this point. The grants for setting up camp must be given by the woodland division and that too with a scope of 25 m away from the water streams. So presently, at whatever point you visit Manali for setting up camp, remember to look for a consent letter from the woods division.

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