Young MasterChef from Amritsar Runs a Spring Roll Stall to Support the Family

Young MasterChef from Amritsar Runs a Spring Roll Stall to Support the Family

What happens when life suddenly brings us down? Do we admit defeat and refuse to get up and face the world again? A 13-year-old boy from Amritsar took matters into his own hands after losing his father a few years ago. Gurpreet has opened his own spring roll stand, where he makes delicacies from scratch. The teenager attends school in the morning and runs his own street food stall at night, inspiring millions of people on the internet. Here is his moving story.

Gurpreet, 13, opened a spring roll stand after her father demise

Gurpreet, 13, lost his father a few years ago. Her mother was working as a domestic worker when the young boy from Amritsar decided to help his family earn a living by opening their own food stall. The Masterchef prepares and sells burgers and spring rolls at his stand, located near the Khalsa Dairy in Chungi Wala Bazar. In a video posted by @youtubeswadofficial on Instagram, Gurpreet is seen frying spring rolls in a large kadhai, with a big smile on her face.

The boy juggles between school and stall to support the family

The young Sikh attends school during the day and runs his own food kiosk at night, cooking and greeting customers with a smile. Gurpreet’s Tandoori Spring Roll is a hit with customers, who visit the stall to gorge on its delicious food and strike up a conversation with the friendly young man. His heartwarming story of him didn’t leave a dry eye on the internet as netizens praised him for his determination and determination to take care of his family.

The internet fills him with love and good wishes

With 2 million views, Gurpreet’s Spring Roll stall video created a storm on the internet. People blessed him, asked him for his position and sent him trucks loaded with love and good wishes. Gurpreet, 13, dreams of serving the country someday, but has already served love, happiness and inspiration to everyone on the Internet. Foodies can’t wait to visit their stall and sample Masterchef’s Tandoori spring rolls and delicious burgers, served with lots of inspiration. Here’s another inspiring story of a single mom who started her momo booth with her daughter.

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