Mind Blowing Facts About Maldives

Mind Blowing Facts About Maldives. The oceans and seas have always amazed us, humans, in new ways. But, can we just look back at all the way we have come in creating stunning locations and things? Indeed we cannot underestimate what surrounds all of us today. The wonders that have openly boasted of their existence grabbed all our attention. But, dear readers, again, there is another wonderous creation ready to stun your minds – the Maldives floating city. The island is known for its picture-perfect views, scintillating views and pristine waters. The Maldives is set to have World’s First floating city to attract tourists and ardent travellers. Before that, here are some amazing facts about this floating city that’ll blow your mind.

No Cars Will Employ In This Drifting City

Well, for the people who are used to travelling in cars, the floating city won’t allow cars within its vicinity. Instead, only bicycles and electric noise-free buggies or scooters will be used in this lagoon.

Ocean Confronting Compositional Designs

An astounding reality about the houses in this drifting city is that they will have ocean confronting structures. What’s more, they will not be all around as skyscraper as they normally are. Be that as it may, with extensions, waterways and docks, this drifting city will be something like the enormous urban areas on the land.

Live The Life Of Sea Farers

Mind Blowing Facts About Maldives

Despite being all modernistic and highly technological, the core of this floating city will be based on the culture of sea farers. The floating city also aims to combat climate change and will further stimulate the growth of corals in the waters. 

This Floating City Will Make You Want To Move

This city on a lagoon in Maldives will have thousands of houses. If you are a not a native, you can even issue resident permits from the government and enjoy a relaxed, Maldivian lifestyle amid the tropical weather and pretty seas. 

The City That will Swing Your Brain

Mind Blowing Facts About Maldives


Yes, you heard it right. This city is being constructed in a lagoon, The Maldives floating city is the first in the world to be a floating city. The city will be entirely built on the lagoon, which will be a significant tourist attraction for the Maldives government.

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