5 Mistakes You Should Not Avoid on Your First Trip To Ladakh

5 Mistakes You Should Not Avoid on Your First Trip To Ladakh

Ladakh is the goal of every Indian dream! The amazing monastery of the monastery, the mountain panorama around, the prettiest rainbow, and the cobalt blue sky take the attention of tourists to this barren land all the time. Planning a trip to a place like Ladakh is always exciting. And get out of joy, we tend to make an unreasonable mistakes. Following some important tips and tricks, someone can make their dreams come true Ladakh travel more memorable. Here’s a list of 5 mistakes that must be avoided on your first trip to Ladakh.

Not Taking Enough Precautions Of The Motion Sickness

The experience of traveling to Ladakh is quite the opposite of other hill stations. Motion sickness can hit you at any moment during the journey. Rushing to reach the destinations is not a good idea. Rather spending some time in Ladakh and getting habituated to the surroundings is necessary to prepare your body for the journey ahead. The weather and the roads of Ladakh are new to us. Hence ignoring symptoms and precautions will only worsen the situation. So the most important mistake to avoid on a trip to Ladakh is taking motion sickness to be a simple thing.

Not Carrying Medicines And Necessities

Emergencies never come with an invitation. In a remote place like Ladakh, accessing medical supplies during emergencies can get very difficult. Prevention is better than cure. Hence make sure to carry every necessary medical supply with you in enough quantity. Most people tend to have tablets for altitude sickness and lack of oxygen supplies in Ladakh. Therefore, these are a mandate.

 Misjudging The Difficult Roads

This is one of the most common and foolish mistakes people make while preparing for a trip to Ladakh. Comparing the roads and terrains of Ladakh with previous road trips to other parts of India is not at all justified. The roads are uneven and passing them is challenging. Underestimating the roads and riding in overconfidence might lead to a wrong state which will result to be extremely damaging.

Depending On Internet Services

Both internet connectivity and mobile networks are horrible in Ladakh. Only major towns have the connectivity and the condition is sparse in other areas. Though Airtel and BSNL connections work in most of the tourist centers. If you get lost somewhere in between, it will be impossible for you to navigate online. Hence keep yourself prepared with every location handy and brace yourself to finally go for a digital detox.

Relying On Google Maps

Following the GPS blindly is the worst idea. As we are aware that GPS always guides us to the shortest routes, without considering the condition of the roads. Similarly, relying on Google maps in Ladakh can lead to shortcuts in horrible conditions. As a result, tourists will end up wasting much longer time while overcoming that situation.

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