Mummy in Himachal Village

Mummy in Himachal Village

Mummy in Himachal Village;

Haven’t we as a whole heard tales about ‘Mummy’ in Egypt or have seen films that rotated around it? Have you heard Mummy in Himachal Village. How much as children have we wished to see it despite the fact that being really frightened. Well what about seeing it in actuality without making a trip to Egypt. It is in India itself. No we aren’t kidding. Gue, a minuscule languid villa in the Spiti district of the Himachal Pradesh is home to a 500 year old mummy with its teeth flawless.

 A Buddhist Monk Mummy in Himachal Village; Gue


The town of Gue in Himachal Pradesh is a wonderful little villa that offers the most beautiful perspectives. The spot is only a couple of kms from the LOC, Indo-China Line of Actual Control. Nowadays the town is in a great deal of talks as it holds confidential in its heart. The town is home to a 500 year old mummy and is the nation’s just known normally saved mummy. The mummy is supposed to be of a Buddhist Monk, Sangha Tenzin who is accepted to have kicked the bucket during the 1500s. A tremor in 1975 opened a burial chamber and this embalmed body of the priest was found. The mummy is in a sanctuary with teeth unblemished and empty eyes representing the living Buddha.

Regular Self Mummification Process

The embalmment cycle of this mummy is especially not quite the same as that of the preservation in Egypt. The embalmment of this priest was the consequence of a characteristic self preservation process which is known as ‘Sokushinbutsu‘ where the priests enter preservation while alive. This cycle strips the body of a priest away from every one of the fats and liquids. This cycle was something accepted to be begun by the Buddhist priests in Japan’s Yamagata. The priests go into slow starvation with an eating regimen of nuts, spices and tree drains that are toxic. Having every one of the fundamentals saved, the priests sit in a pondering stance and pass on with no dampness in the body.


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