Nearly 196,000 Tourists Visited Mizoram in 2023; Five Must-Do Activities Here

Nearly 196,000 Tourists Visited Mizoram in 2023; Five Must-Do Activities Here

Located amidst the green hills of northeast India, Mizoram is enjoying a booming tourism industry. According to the state tourism department, 2023 saw a significant increase in visitor arrivals, with more than 1.96 lakh tourists visiting the state. This impressive figure shows a significant recovery following the recession recorded during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Domestic tourism continues to be a major trend, with a remarkable 1.93 lakh tourists choosing to explore the fascinating landscape of Mizoram. The explosion reflects India’s growing interest in discovering the country’s hidden gems.

However, the arrival of more than 3,435 foreign tourists in 2023 is particularly significant. Visitors from the United States top the list, and tourists from Japan, Australia, Israel, Canada and the United Kingdom also make Mizoram a part of their Indian itinerary.

This increase in international tourism can be attributed to the magnificent natural beauty of Mizoram. The state has mountains covered with emerald forests, quiet valleys falling into sparkling lakes and waterfalls cascading into crystal clear lakes.

Tourists are attracted to hiking trails that cross the mountains, offering panoramic views and encountering a variety of flora and fauna.

Responsible Tourism, things to do

The “responsible tourism” policy implemented in 2020 by the Mizoram government is likely another contributing factor. This policy prioritizes sustainable development, guaranteeing minimal environmental impact from tourism activities. It emphasizes the industry of the city, provides the residents the opportunity to gain benefits and tourists visit.

Here’s a glimpse into what awaits you:

For nature lovers: Visit the Murlen National Park, a wildlife sanctuary, or conquer the beautiful Blue Mountains. Witness the amazing Vantawng Falls, an awe-inspiring wonder, or lose yourself in the serenity of Lake Tamdil, the largest natural lake in the state.

For culture lovers: Immerse yourself in the Mizo way of life at Reiek Heritage Village. Marvel at the architecture of Solomon’s Temple, a unique blend of Mizo and western influences.

For the adventure seeker: Take a paragliding plunge in Serchhip, experiencing the state from a breathtaking bird’s-eye view.

Looking forward, the Mizoram Tourism Department is working hard to enhance the tourist experience. Initiatives include improving infrastructure, developing new tourism services and promoting cultural events. With its commitment to sustaining and preserving culture, Mizoram is poised to become a tourist destination in India, offering a unique blend of fascinating landscapes, beautiful traditions and authentic lights.

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