NEVER Carry These Food Items in Hand Luggage In Flight

Never carry these Food Items in hand Luggage during Flight

NEVER Carry These Food Items in Hand Luggage in Flight :

The rules for traveling somewhere by plane are endless. There are some things we need to put in hand luggage, while some items are strictly prohibited. We must follow all these steps and  NEVER Carry These Food Items in Hand Luggage During The Flight so that we can have a safe journey without any inconvenience or hassle. Hand luggage is the only item we take with us when boarding the flight. Therefore, you need to follow the restrictions and pack accordingly. These are some foods that we should never carry in hand luggage.


Many passengers carry things and food to places where these foods are not easily available. Coconut is one such example. It is not allowed to carry a coconut in hand luggage. While checking out the vags, you may have to throw them away.


You are pretty sure you will be stopped while checking your bags if you are carrying a bottle of jam. Only if it is less than 100ml and properly packed inside a plastic bag, the jam bottle can pass through security.


There are several types of liquid products that passengers carry with them. If it is prescribed medicines, they can be carried inside the check-in baggage. Milk or liquid food for small children is allowed in hand luggage, as long as the quantity does not exceed 100ml. If the liquid is some kind of liquor, you can carry up to 5 liters in checked baggage. The alcohol content of the liquor should be between 24% and 70%.

Canned foods

Canned foods are properly sealed containers with food. Even after packing it properly, you may not be able to carry it in your hand luggage. If the amount is less than 100ml, you may be able to take canned food with you. Most of the time, the answer is a complete “NO”.


If eating Nutella on the flight is your plan, unfortunately that plan may not work. It will become reality when the bottle is less than 100ml.

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