Now You Can Access Free WiFi at Over 6000 Railway Stations Across India

Now You Can Access Free WiFi at Over 6000 Railway Stations Across India

You can now access the internet at train stations. More than 6,000 train stations across India now offer free Wi-Fi services. Passengers can use it for free for the first half hour, after which it will be paid. Total data usage at these stations is approximately 97.25 terabytes per month. Indian Railways has many new offers for you.

The Indian Railways will distribute Linen, blankets and curtains

The train journey will now be more comfortable as Indian Railways begin distributing bedding, blankets and curtains with immediate effect. On Twitter, the Ministry of Railways said: “Railways are lifting restrictions on the supply of bed linen, blankets and curtains inside trains with immediate effect. Well, we would say that it is a great initiative of the Indian railways.

Indian Railways will introduce Air-Hostess Like Attendants

Indian Railways leaves no stone unturned in improving the experience of its passengers. In another development, the railways now plan to introduce air-hostess like attendants to look after passengers on its premium trains. So, if you travel on premium trains like Vande Bharat, Gatimaan and Tejas Express, you will soon be able to take advantage of the attendants service. Both men and women will be employed as railway crew.

Travelers can Prepone or Postpone tickets

Travelers will only be able to prepone or postpone their tickets once. To change the travel date, passengers can go to the booking office and hand in the ticket 48 hours before the train departs. Please note that this feature is only available on offline tickets.

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