Robot in Smart City Bhubaneswar Restaurant! Sounds strange! Yes, robots will now take orders and serve food, replacing waiters in a “smart” restaurant. Two robots are serving customers at the Robo Chef restaurant in the Infocity DLF Tower area in Bhubaneswar. It sounds from another world right?

India’s first smart robot restaurant opens in Bhubaneswar

This is the first restaurant in East India with two locally developed robots, namely “Champa” and “Chameli”, dedicated to serving food to customers. Champa and Chameli welcome guests, take orders and serve food, completely eliminating the need for waiters. The robots were programmed to ask “Apana mane khusi ta?”, Or “are you happy?” in Odia.

These robots are made in India

Although many other restaurants in cities like Chennai and Bengaluru offer food service by robot, the machines are imported from China. But these robots were developed by a company in Jaipur. It automatically moves as a person, making disciples and achieving three objectives. It is produced using SLAM technology (short for Simultaneous Localization And Mapping). It has 17 types of censors that detect the environment, heat and even smoke, identifies persons, and greet and welcome people. These robots can last up to eight hours and can be charged in half an hour. They offer all kinds of food from the finest local specialties to our most popular dishes. People are happy to see robots feeding them and even thanking them, okay?

The activity of two small robots Champa and Chameli in a new restaurant attracts food lovers as well as customers entering the dining room with great curiosity. We strongly encourage you to visit this restaurant in Bhubaneshwar.

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