Omelette With Coke & Oreo by Indian street food vendor: Netigens disgusted

Omelette With Coke & Oreo by  Indian street food vendor: Netigens disgusted


At the point when you thought Indian road food patterns couldn’t get more unusual, we’re here to disprove you. From an omelet arranged in Fanta, Gulab Jamun added to chaat to samosas loaded down with strawberry, road food patterns in India have snatched eyeballs, once in a while for some unacceptable reasons. Presently, the most recent road food video to circulate around the web includes setting up an omelet with coke and Oreo bread rolls.

Omelet Made With Coke and Oreo Biscuits Is The Latest Food Trend

In a totally strange yet popular video, a road food seller is seen emptying Coca-Cola into a container. He then, at that point, goes on add disintegrated Oreo rolls into the skillet. Then, he does the unbelievable. The road food merchant adds a combination of eggs and proceeds to set up an omelet. Then, he adds 4 to 5 cuts of bread and mixes them with the combination. As he flips the omelet, the vast majority of the dish spills outside. Notwithstanding, this doesn’t prevent him from completing his creation. He beat the unusual bread omelet with hacked onions, coriander and Oreo rolls.

Netizens Fill Comments Section With Disgusted Remarks

The viral omelette video has left netizens shocked beyond belief. Leaving netizens with their stomachs churning, one person commented that he’d rather consume poison. Another one called it ‘monstrosity’ and yet another netizen sarcastically urged the vendor to chuck the entire dish down the drain.

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