Passenger Advisory Issued : Ahmedabad Airport Flooded Due to Heavy Rains Goes Viral

With incessant rains in many states and cities of Gujarat, many areas are witnessing floods. The southern part of the state and Saurashtra are affected by heavy rains. Junagadh is witnessing flash floods, with videos of washed away livestock and cars. Another state video goes to Ahmedabad airport. Ahmedabad’s Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport was filled with water up to its knees on Saturday night.

Ahmedabad Airport Flooded Due to Heavy Rains

After two days of incessant rain in Gujarat, the Sardar Vallabhai Patel Airport in Ahmedabad was reportedly knee-deep in water on Saturday night. Many people have shared videos of runways and airports that are said to be flooded.

Due to heavy rain and traffic, passengers arriving in Ahmedabad were stuck at the airport for several hours. Footage shows people struggling to get into the airport in knee-deep water and airport staff trying to make sure everything goes smoothly while wearing water safety gear.

Authorities have advised travellers to check in with their airlines about their flights as a result of the waterlogging at the airport, which has made it difficult for travellers to arrive for their flights on time.

Flash Floods In Junagadh


On Twitter, a person shared pictures of water outside the Gujarat airport and said it took her approximately 40 minutes to get off her airplane.

On Saturday, Ahmedabad saw 101mm of rain in just two hours, flooding roads and buildings while closing city roads and highways as a precaution. The heavy rains led to flooding in many parts of the city, including the Ahmedabad airport.

Numerous parked automobiles and cattle in Junagadh were submerged in raging waves after the city received 219 mm of rain in 8 hours up until 4pm. on Saturday. Wading through waist-deep water to move to safer locations was observed, and volunteers had to save some of the people who were being carried away by powerful currents.


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